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Update by user Mar 22, 2016

Acquiring public visible info from whois, related to both websites is not rocket science so here goes: Registered on:27 Jan 2007

by: Tommy O'Driscoll

Address : Fir Tree Avenue, Wallingford, Oxford UK

Postal Code: OX10 0PD

11 Murray Street London NW1 9RE United Kingdom. Email: Phone: +447951768689 Facebook: ************************************* registered on 17 Oct 2009 by Scott Sutton Address: 4650 W Spencer Street Appleton Wisconsin 54914 United States Email: Phone: Denver (303) 305-9272 Facebook: Other website associated with Scott Sutton Websites formerly associated with this person or business entity:

Original review posted by user Mar 17, 2016

Gave up a lot of my time into investigating this company further, I believe that they will probably provide a very tiny percentage of paying customers with a low quality but reasonable looking logo to mask their clever fraud tactics.

After investigations, I now truly believe that Logo Design Guarantee or $50 Dollar Logo, is probably NOT a genuine company at all, the whole concept seems to be a very sophisticated clever scam. For the past 4 years, their websites in the USA & UK are virtually unchanged & offer a "One Time Special Offer" that ends at midnight on the same day that you're viewing the websites, this offer is never ending, trust me, the offer is on a constant loop & changes to the next ending day, everyday at midnight, the prices are low & there is no special offer, also the low price of just £25/$50 is where they hook you in & take your money.

The really nice looking examples they show on their websites are, to my experience, absolutely nothing at all like the designs they supply, and what's more, during further investigations, i found than none of the examples they show on their sites seem to be businesses that exist

Everything about them comes across as genuine, their offers, the sample logos, the phone numbers, this so called award winning big company with in house designers etc, even the emails from staff "Kimberly" in head office. I'm convinced that there is probably no head office or actual physical buildings in USA or UK that this company operates from, more like a cheap laptop in a back bedroom using other multiple free generic logo websites.

In the UK, they claim that they are based in the city of Bristol. I have found no evidence that this is true. During a live chat they told me that their UK offices are in "TIME SQUARE" Bristol. They never revealed the full address when I asked numerous times, they also claim that they have an office in USA, Shuman Ave Augusta, Maine to be precise, this is total rubbish as no evidence was found that this was accurate.

The UK free phone telephone number they provide 0800 279 6215 diverts to outside of the UK, sometimes the voice answering has an American accent & other times it’s in broken English, nevertheless it's without doubt NOT a UK recipient.

They boast a PayPal logo on their websites, but they don't accept PayPal, & why is this? Probably because PayPal don't mess around are a very quick in refunding payments to unhappy customers.

No premises addresses are supplied on their websites either. They insist that they are an online business only, nothing wrong with that but nevertheless they should still be able provide a business address, which they won’t for some strange reason, but if they do, it's probably non existent, IE, a street called "Time Square" in Bristol UK does not exist to my knowledge

Using the live chat facility you'll be greeted by Mike, Safia, Jasmine, Mark, May, & others, all possibly the same person or using possible fake IDs, however i'm sure that names might be changed now if anyone from LDG/$50 DL read this review. During one conversation a female rep stated she was chatting to me from Bristol UK but her spelling was American, for example she spelt recogniZe with a Z as well as authorize & apologize, these words were used as i lead the conversation this way, when questioned about this American style of spelling error she stated that her father is American but she lives in the UK, it took a fair while for her to get back to me on this.

As a tester, i proceeded & paid £30 (inc VAT). I fabricated a company & used a temporary email & mobile phone number too. In total i received 9 childish awful logos, crappy looking logos that seemed to have been created using a child's computer program, no joke here, the scammers were simply jumping through hoops. I requested a refund 8 times in total & every time i was assured it was in progress, the last conversation i had i was told it could take up to 21 days, after 2 months later i still received nothing so provided all my evidence to my card provider on the phone & email, i sent copies of transcripts to them too as well as a copy of $50 Dollar Logos own T&Cs & received a refund through them in just 4 days. Also, when my card statement arrived, it said "$50 Dollar Logo Design" next to the payment, even though i paid in GBP. Previous to my refund i tried to call the free phone number several times but they blocked my number.

My card issuer told me that they also investigate any possible fraudulent activities with connections to Trading Standards in the UK & equivalent for overseas, though the business is not UK registered so very much doubt Trading Standards will get involved.

Reading the bad reviews here & other sites, I’m absolutely convinced that these are possibly *** men & women who run this company are very clever & without doubt in my mind, possibly running a very sophisticated fraudulent operation & by receiving regular small amounts of payments for their crappy logos, many victims don't bother or get tired of chasing after a small amount of just $50 / £25, after all, life's too short, or is it?

Please ignore any good reviews & stay well clear of this alleged fake company, trust me you'll get burnt, just pay a bit more and get a logo designed by a genuine real legitimate professional company who'll be more than happy to supply their address & genuine phone numbers, unless they have something to hide that is, remember, cheap means cheap for a very good reason! Please, stay well clear, just don’t be conned by these people! If everyone does a bit of research before parting with any payment to this company, then the public will be much wiser.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Thomlee stated that there is a room for improvement of dealing with a fake company. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss "not a genuine company" of logo designs guarantee logo design. Logo Designs Guarantee needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

Other people also mentioned logo designs guarantee logo design in their reviews. You may find this information helpful for further shopping at Logo Designs Guarantee.

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to Anonymous Torrance, California, United States #1130660

Do the following: Go on their live chat facility, be polite & ask for a refund, they will assure you that you'll get one between 5-21 days, but you wont see a cent, believe me, but before clicking exit in chat, hit the email/envelope icon & have the transcript emailed to you. After you've done this, email them at & ask for a refund & the reason why, again, be polite & don't express your anger in the email & hopefully you might get a convincing looking reply, it might be from "Kimberly".

The fact is the you will NEVER receive a refund, regardsless on how many time you ask. Keep copies of all your emails & transcripts, i would suggest to acquire several copies of different transcripts from different dates always asking about your refund as you'll have a greater change of getting your money back through your card issuer, also, when making your claim to your card issuer you need to direct them to the websites Terms & Conditions.

If you want to try & call Logo Design Guarantee, their UK Phone number is: 0800-279-6215, but the number diverts overseas, before calling them download a phone recording app so you can record your conversation, if you have enough proof in black & white, it'll be a no brainer for your card provider, best of luck

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