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I applied for a job here from some site and was hired by wendi few months ago. I should have known then that i shouldn't trust them but I was a naive girl.

So I'm from Nepal and it is kind of suspicious when someone hires you from overseas claiming that its online based job but I didn't question them then which was stupid on my part. They told me to say that we are located in the UK and so are all the employees, I did what I was told without any questions for they were the one who hired me. So the months went by and I never got paid, I emailed tommy(owner and the mastermind behind this all) everyday asking for my wages and all he said was he has already send the wages which I never received. So I did what was right, I mailed every client's telling the truth about the website and told them to contact their banks so that they could get their refunds and I hope they were able to get it.

And logo design guarantee isn't the only website they run, they rip off people from their another website logoloft too.

So I would suggest that you never visit those two sites. And if I could I would have reported them to the authorities myself but alas I live miles and miles away so the only thing I can do is warn people from using this site.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

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